Suzuki RF 600 R RIZLA-Replica

Umbau meiner Suzuki RF 600 R zu einer RIZLA-Replica

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11 Responses to Suzuki RF 600 R RIZLA-Replica

  1. ERadicator49 says:

    Thank you very much, but I dont need this anymore. 21th of october a Ford Scorpio blocked my way (he did revers). Now my RF900 is totally crashed and I was close to death. Don’t know wha tto do for 2013 season =( A RF400SUZUKI Bandit or RF900-ratbike… 😀

  2. Coalesce1982 says:

    Nope, sorry. But it´s not as difficult as you may think. To connect the wires took between a half and one hour. There are only plus, minus, switched plus, wire to ignition coil(for RPM), turn signal, light.
    If you have a circuit diagram, it´s easy to see which wires you have to cut and reconnect.
    If you need help with electric issues, just contact me.

  3. Coalesce1982 says:

    Eine RF gibt man nie wieder ab. Noch ein anderes Bike dazu ist ok, aber eine RF sollte man zumindest als Sammlerstück haben.

  4. Coalesce1982 says:

    Sorry, but I don´t understand… What do you mean?

  5. gdlucas says:

    pictures or it didnt happen ! 😉

  6. Hayabusa7777Turbo says:

    Fantastisch !!! Und ich wollte meine 900 verkaufen. Jetzt nicht mehr.. 😉

  7. ERadicator49 says:

    Myabe I will have some questions at winter. Cuz I will do total deassembly of my RF 900, I’m not sure I will change speed indicator, but I will restyle my bike. Cuz of stupid crash in the end of season 2012 =(

  8. Coalesce1982 says:

    Hi. Nope, I didn´t made an instruction manual. Why are you asking? It´s not as difficult as you may think. I can write you an instruction manual if you like or if you have any questions about that, just let me know.
    Greetings from germany, Marcel.

  9. ERadicator49 says:

    Respect, brother. Have u made a detail instruction about changing indicator of speed at some bike forum (eng)?

  10. Coalesce1982 says:


  11. aifel202 says: